Goat Rock and Sunset Boulders, Sonoma Coast, California

Located right off Highway 1 is one of the most beautiful places to rock climb in the world. This is Goat Rock and the Sunset Boulders located in Goat Rock State Beach just… Continue reading

Mission: Wolf, Westcliffe, Colorado

Located in the Wet Mountains about 40 minutes outside of small town of Westcliffe (pop.=600) in Colorado is one of the most remarkable places in the world- Mission:Wolf Mission:Wolf is a wolf sanctuary… Continue reading

Sykes Hot Springs, Big Sur, California

Need a break from the city? How do some relaxing hot springs in the wilderness sound?¬† Sykes Hot Springs are is of the best “hidden” treasures in the greater Bay Area. Located in… Continue reading

New Years Resolution: Become a Minimalist

After spending the majority of 2013 traveling, there is one thing I have come to find extremely useful- having less stuff. This whole concept of minimalism is not a new one, however, it… Continue reading

A Bunny Christmas!

I have a bunny that lives cage-free in my kitchen named Darius (recently named I should add as his name last week was Tobias and previously was Sunflower, Sunshine and Broccoli). It is… Continue reading

Falling with Flowers in Moab, Utah

After returning from a few months in Central America, I had a week back home in sunny California before I needed to start heading to Colorado for training for my summer job. Instead… Continue reading

Half Dome as Bananas, Yosemite, California

So after finally returning back to California after 8 months of solid travel abroad and within the United States, I realized that, alas, I had never been to Yosemite!! Being only four hours… Continue reading

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