Goat Rock and Sunset Boulders, Sonoma Coast, California

Located right off Highway 1 is one of the most beautiful places to rock climb in the world. This is Goat Rock and the Sunset Boulders located in Goat Rock State Beach just north of Bodega Bay, California. 


This is where we decided to adventure for a day of bouldering and top roping. It is believed that Goat Rock was named due to the fact that goats were once herded here. Unlike cattle, they were one of the few animals that could easily scale the rocks.


Sharooni scoping out her routes for the day.


There is a lot of wildlife here. Little birds shuffled around and you could hear the bellowing of the seal, sea lions and perhaps elephant seals as we set up our crash pads and ropes.


The bouldering routes range from V0 to V10 so there is a pretty good range. Corinne is chalked up and ready for the challenge!


Absolutely anyone can learn to rock climb. You are never too old or young!


One of the fun little legends about this area is that mammoths once roamed here and rubbed their tusks on the boulders. It is said that this is evident from rub marks 2-4 meters above the ground, however, the locals have suspicions that this is yet another concocted way of getting climbers kicked out of the beach area. Mammoth remains have been found in the Sonoma State Beach area as well as at the Bodega Head. You can check out the article for yourself HERE.


Scotty crushed it!

Photo taken by Scott Cassidy

Photo taken by Scott Cassidy

As we finished up our routes for the day, the sun began to set and it couldn’t have been any more beautiful. We pulled our last rope through and headed down to the cliff edge for a spectacular view. While no shipwrecks have been discovered, perhaps at least 17 vessels may have been lost in these waters. Its always fun to just sit and think.

IMG_1272I highly recommend checking out Goat Rock and the Sunset Boulders. Let me know if you have any questions! ~B

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