Climbing at Fisk Mill Cove, Salt Point State Park, CA

97971744_3Fisk Mill Cove- one of the best remote climbing locations along the Sonoma Coast. Located about 30 minutes north of Jenner, CA is a stretch of Tafoni sandstone that is covered in lead routes and bouldering problems. It is hard to beat routes that lead you right over the crashing waves. Below: rappelling down Scallywag (10a) as the tide comes in. 
97971744_4 Fisk Mill Cove was named after the Gold Rush settlers John and Andrew Fisk. The two originally came from Vermont and wanted to set up a steam-powered sawmill in Napa Valley. A few years later he decided to move his operation to the Sonoma Coast, perhaps because there were more trees to be cut. Eventually, a small town sprung up right above the cove and it soon became a popular harbor for shipping wood to San Francisco. On top of the main bluff you can still find the old mooring rings and capstan that were used to lower the wood onto the ships.

97971744_6 Above: Dusty gives Avalon (12a) a go. The top bit was definitely a challenge! We also climbed parts of Pegleg (5.9), which is a Sonoma Coast classic and not to be missed, although it is a bit pumpy and should probably be rated as a 10 instead. Below: hanging out at the belay station and soaking in the sun! There were also about ten giant star fish right below me.

Overall, it was a fantastic day! The weather was warm, but not hot and the crag shelters you from any wind. The Cove is definitely worth the drive. Bonus points if you can find my lost quick draw… 🙂 97971744_5

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