A Bunny Christmas!

I have a bunny that lives cage-free in my kitchen named Darius (recently named I should add as his name last week was Tobias and previously was Sunflower, Sunshine and Broccoli).

It is hard to decide what to get a bunny named Darius for Christmas. Do you get him a carrot? A new waterer? Well, this year I decided to get him two new boxes. Darius LOVES boxes. Whenever he gets a new one, he just hops in and out, in and out. Its like he can’t get enough. So this time was no different- here he is looking quite proud after having successfully moved one box inside of another 🙂

photo 4

I was also able to find these RIDICULOUS antlers. Don’t worry, he only wears them when supervised.photo (20)So from Darius and 23 and Unfunny…Merry Christmas!! 

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