Falling with Flowers in Moab, Utah

After returning from a few months in Central America, I had a week back home in sunny California before I needed to start heading to Colorado for training for my summer job. Instead of flying, like I had in the past, I thought it might be fun to drive. This way I could visit some good friends in Los Angeles as well as Moab, Utah on my way out to the mountains of Colorado.

The drive took exactly 10 hours from Los Angeles, California to Moab, Utah and I passed through both Nevada and Arizona to get there. A total of 4 States in one day wasn’t bad!

Moab is located in the far Eastern side of Utah and as of 2010 had a population of about 5,000 people. Its a quaint little town filled with delicious bakeries, little stores and a few breweries. It is also a huge tourist attraction for mountain bikers and rock climbers alike who come to visit Arches and Canyonlands National Parks along with the network of MTBing trails that crisscross around Moab proper. And the town is growing immensely- Sunset Magazine‘s March 2009 issue listed Moab as one of the “20 Best Small Towns in the West,” which I must agree, is true especially in late May/early June when Moab is in bloom.

Moab is a desert town, however, it is surrounded by these beautiful mountains. When you gain elevation it is like entering a new world- snowmelt fills the streams, tall trees cluster giving birth to meadows erupting with small blooming flowers and you are immediately surrounded by solitude.

So we laid out our blankets and took out our books. It couldn’t have been a more relaxing or perfect experience. We took breaks only to skip through the fields completely undisturbed by any trespasser.




It was just one of those moments when you know wholeheartedly and absolutely that this will never happen again- this is a one-time-only experience so be present now. Soak it all in. Because after today, this experience will only remain in thought and a few pictures- and thats perfectly ok.  IMG_9116

And of course, I had to make a little snowman from some of the snow that was still packed around the stream’s edge. After all, it was over 100 degrees down in the Moab valley- who was going to believe this?!?

IMG_1709So even though I normally give Utah quite the hard time (mainly for only allowing their beers to have 3.2% alcohol content), Moab is certainly a special place and quite worth the visit. It will be interesting to see how the town grows in the next 10 years- hopefully it will be able to retain its quaint atmosphere. I will definitely be back someday as I plan to hit up those mountain biking trails and some extraordinary climbing- I can’t wait!!

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