Top 10 Helpful/Awesome (Mostly Free) Travel Apps

Everyone loves stocking their phone with fun and awesome apps, however, it can be quite hard to find ones that are actually…ummm useful. So here’s a few that I can recommend. Enjoy!

1. Flashlight

Need I say more? This silly little app is useful anytime your headlamp battery dies, when you can’t find your keys or just like telling scary stories around the fire ūüôā Oh and its FREE!¬†So why not?¬†

2. GateGuru

Flying all around the world? Or maybe just frequently? This FREE app tracks your flight by either flight number or route and updates you on any delays and lets you know which gate to go to. You can also use it to find specific amenities within the airport. This app is EXTREMELY helpful when picking up friends from the airport before you start your adventure. 

3. Skype

Don’t have one of those expensive world-wide phone plans? Yah, me neither. Which is why I use the free wifi on my iPod and iPhone to call people for 5 cents/min using skype. I love the fact that I can be in a jungle in Panama and call my best friend on her cell to plan more adventures- the BEST!¬†

4. Google Translate

Sometimes you just really need to communicate with someone and it sucks not knowing the same language. Luckily Google Translate is here to the rescue. For bonus points, you can even use the speak feature to have Google just talk to the person without you. No human required. 

5. Duolingo

There is literally no need to pay for Rosetta Stone anymore- not with this awesome and FREE app. It is set up very similar to Rosetta Stone, except that it actually works (I’m not a fan of RS obviously). I used it a bunch while sitting in various cafes around Central America and honestly, I was able to speak basic conversational Spanish after just two weeks. This company really should be paying me for all of the good things I have to say about this app. GET IT.¬†

6. DraftPad

Everyone loves taking a little notebook with them when they travel, but unfortunately I always lose mine…which is why I finally downloaded DraftPad. It does exactly what it says- allows you to just take notes. Plus, its easily accessible because when do we not have our phones these days? Right. All the freakin’ time.¬†

7. Couchsurfing

Now my mother is not a huge fan of couchsurfing in general BUT I am. And for me this app if a lifesaver when I need a last minute couch OR if I’m traveling and planning out where I’ll be in the next few weeks. Couchsurfing provides the unique opportunity to stay with locals all around the world for FREE. Its like a cultural exchange. Often food is shared or you might go to an event with your host. The opportunities are boundless. I’ve surfed all around the world and NEVER had a bad experience. Then again, I am picky with whom I choose to surf with and I would never chance a bad¬†situation. Play smart.¬†

8. Geocaching

For those of you whom have always wanted to be a pirate and search for buried treasure, this app is for you! Its definitely a more pricey app ($10) but is honestly the best $10 I have ever spent! It allows you to find millions of hidden clues and items all around the world! Need an awesome date night? Have a layover in Sri Lanka? Going for  a hike? Then you should get this app and pretend to be a child again. Its amazing. 

9. GoogleMaps

One of the easiest ways for locals to know that you’re NOT a local is to constantly be looking at your map. Thankfully Google Maps is awesome and can read you directions. Just put in one of your ear buds and you instantly know where everything is in the world. Better yet, the app is FREE.¬†

10. Rove



This is a relatively new app that I’m still getting a hang of BUT I think it is a great idea. It basically records where you went throughout the day and when you take pictures, it adds them in to create somewhat of a story line for your life. Then you can easily upload it to Facebook and the layout looks awesome! Plus, its totally FREE! Great way to avoid iPhoto entirely ūüėȬ†

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