Dominical, Puntarenas Provence, Costa Rica

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This past weekend, I decided to take a little break from the Alouatta Sanctuary and head to Costa Rica (for the first time) to check out the sleepy surf town of Dominical. It is located in the provence of Puntarenas about 45 km (28 miles) south of Quepos.


This was my first real beach vacation since moving to Central America. Note: it rained the entire time I was in Bocas del Toro so I’m not counting that. And Dominical was such a great stop. Because it is a surf town, everyone is very laid back and relaxed. It is easy to get sleep at hostels like Piramys because everyone wants to get up early to catch the first break. This hostel in particular was definitely my favorite so far. The lounge area looks directly out to the beach and there is free wifi and coffee all day- for $10 you can’t really beat that. Just be sure to call ahead of time as they tend to fill up. IMG_8294

The town is filled with surf-everything! I think I lost count of surf shops after walking down just the main street. There is not much else to do in the town either. There’s a few restaurants, a yoga studio and a bookstore with books in English. It kinda forces you to relax.

This large beach Green iguana is one of many that are easily viewed in Dominical. In fact, they commonly go through the trash here and are not afraid of humans for the most part. Normally, they are primarily arboreal and herbivorous reptiles and can grow up to 1.5 meters (4.9 ft) in length! The one pictured about was probably 1 meter long including the tail.


I also headed out to the beach to watch the surfers. I must say, watching them for a few hours really made me want to try surfing again. I used to go surfing in Santa Cruz, CA every so often, but I was really pretty awful. I’ll have to come back to Dominical to up my game….

And alas, nothing can beat the sunset on a beach in Central America. Everyone gathers for the show- some sit on the large driftwood piles, while others (myself included) swim out into the ocean and float amongst the waves at the sun disappears for the night. Happy travels ~BIMG_8317

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