El Explorador, Boquete, Panama


This is definitely the weirdest place I’ve been in Panama, and honestly may be the weirdest place I’ve ever been in my life. Its kinda like if Alice in Wonderland met Gandhi. Technically it is a private garden, although the garden is filled with things like hedges with eyes, trees with dresses and sayings about life.


You will find yourself immersed in someone’s imagination run wild.


Along with tons of blooming flowers, there are also large structures like a giant swing set, a teeter-totter, and a sit-and-spin. Any adult is suddenly a kid again- its great!


There also seem to be faces on just about everything like these perfume bottles…


And these pots…


And the place is filled with fun little sayings and puzzles. This one says, “What is the key to your heart” and then theres a bunch of little keys glued to a board- although maybe have already been taken.


And just when I thought things couldn’t get any weirder, this man comes from around a corner pulling a goat by a long chain. I have no idea where he came from, where he was going, or honestly what he was doing. Super strange…


Ahhh but alas, this one of the best ways to spend $3….there just isn’t really anything like it.  ~B

P.S. I even found my future husband! I’ve always liked a man in a suit 😉


4 thoughts on “El Explorador, Boquete, Panama

  1. In Russia museums, there is also a separate charge for tourists. Seemed justified to me: tourists, and especially Western tourists, can afford to spend more, and it is important to entice the locals to come and feel more ownership over and kinship with attractions in their community–if that takes a lower price, why not? This looks like a great little find, regardless.

    • I think that is a very valid comment and I agree that locals should be gaining more for what they have, especially in beautiful Panama. The only thing I would argue is that the price should be lower for locals then instead of nationals as no money is exchanged with the governmental system as it is in the case of museums. On another note, the States needs to catch on to Russia’s discounted museum prices! 🙂 Thanks for the response transplantedtatar

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