Horseback Riding in Caldera, Panama

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Caldera is known as the home of Panama’s cowboys. With spectacular views of Panama’s largest volcano and one of Panama’s prettiest valleys, its no wonder cowboys still enjoy riding these hills. Appropriately, this is where my friend Tiffany (that’s Tiffany above) and I decided to go horseback riding.  We arranged our trip through Boquete Tree Trek and for $35 for 4 hours we were handed off to a local named Franklin.


Franklin was born and raised in Caldera and currently owns 15 horses, most of whom are Paso Finos- a small sized horse that has naturally gaited strides. My horse’s name was Pepper and she was 13 and such a sweet little horse.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 16.42.53

Unlike other horses we had seen in Panama, Franklin’s horses were round and obviously well fed. We wouldn’t be riding any Holocaust horses today! Franklin was also a writer, and a poet and he recited some of his poetry for us as we rode. He was actually pretty good! We raced up and down hills, and found a flock of black vultures that all flew away together in one great attempt at escape. It was pretty incredible. So if you’re ever in Boquete or near Caldera ask for the local Panamanian cowboy named Franklin. He’s well known and certainly knows how to ride! Happy travels! ~B

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