Patronato de Panamá Viejo, Panama City, Panama

Juxtaposed against soaring sky scrapers are the old ruins of the original Panama City. The city was founded in 1519 by a Spanish governor called Pedro Arias and soon became a center for government and the church.  However, in 1671 the infamous pirate, Sir Henry Morgan, pillaged and ransacked Panama City leaving it in the ruins you see today. Thus, the ruins are now known as the Patronato de Panamá Viejo (Patronage to the Old Panama).


Today was my first real day in Panama City. My host and dear friend Ana was busy for the morning, so she recommended that I see the Old Panama City ruins just down the street from her flat. I was a little worried about walking around alone as a single, white, female who doesn’t know Spanish, but she seemed confident that I’d survive so I decided to go. I mean I was going to have to learn to travel around Panama eventually so why not start now?


For only $3 I was able to see the gigantic ruins of the old city that had been destroyed by  the pirate Sir Henry Morgan. The old rocks were covered in moss and vines with various mangrove trees sprinkled throughout. It was spectacular!


The red rock, the heat and the sky…I was in Panama.


On my walk back to Ana’s flat I decided to walk out to the Mangrove island that I had seen from her balcony the night before. When I had seen it, it was surrounded by water. Now, the low tide left a seemingly friendly walkway to the island- I couldn’t resist.

IMG_7250 IMG_7253

I was worried that I might not be the only one who had taken this island walkway out, so I quickly ducked into the safety of a mangrove tree. That’s when I noticed all of the birds!  I took a few quick pictures and then headed back as I didn’t want to get stuck on Mangrove Island when the tide came in!

The walk back was easy and I felt safe. People in cars do like to honk and whistle a lot though, which was a little strange to me. Regardless, it was a wonderful first morning in Panama City 🙂 ~B

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