Jardin des Plantes, Nantes, France

IMG_3325I am not a city girl. So when I moved to Nantes, I immediately started looking for some outdoor outlets. Luckily, Nantes has quite a few choices to pick from! One of my favorites was Nantes largest park (that I know of) called the Jardin des Plantes. It is very easy to get to by the tramway and is located right across from to the TGV station. Better yet…it is free to visit!


This extraordinary greenhouse is called the Palm House. It was built in 1898 under the order of Paul Marmy. Although there is a charge to enter, it is filled with rare orchids from the African lowlands and Asian mountains.


I always like taking pictures of the various statues where I visit and this garden nymph-like person was no exception to my camera’s lens. I think the half-moss covered look really adds to her garden beauty.


I visited the Jardin des Plantes in both winter and summer. The garden always had something to offer. From the rain drops on these browning leaves to the vibrant red berries still managing to survive on an old prickly branch.


But when I went back in the Spring the garden had truly come alive. Blooms everywhere! Including these cherry blossoms below: IMG_3378 IMG_3336

I found this tiny little bee taking a break on this leaf and decided to take a picture. He looked so tired!


And there was also lots to smell! There is nothing like the smell of tulips in the spring time! And the Jardin des Plantes has HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS!!

IMG_3321There is also a fair amount of avian wildlife that roams the gardens. This common white pigeon was no exception. He seemed to really believe that my friends and I were going to feed him. We did not, but it did make for this funny photo! Happy travels and Vive Nantes! ~B

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