White Water Rafting on the Arkansas River, Colorado

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 11.35.06

The Arkansas River is one of the most famous white water rafting rivers in the United States. It extends from  Colorado to Arkansas and is the major tributary for the Mississippi River. It is the 6th longest river in the US at 2,364 km (1,469 miles) and the 45th longest river in the world.


We started our trip near Buena Vista, Colorado with the company American Adventure Exhibitions. Prices were reasonable and their guides were mostly very knowledgable- some knew about the local history AS WELL AS how to safely guide a raft. Others focused on the rafting….The landscape was absolutely spectacular, although sometimes the rapids were lacking as you’ll see above. It felt more like drifting down the Lazy River…I was also ok with this as it was my first time 🙂


We did hit a few rapids, although they were only class 2 and 3. (mostly class 2) Apparently, this year had one of the lowest recorded water levels of all time! Thus, our main concern was watching out for huge boulders sticking out in the water. We got stuck a fair number of times, but never flipped. THANK GOD.

IMG_1436We also stopped for a little fun- jumping off this small cliff into a deeper part of the river (still only about 9 ft deep). It was a ton of fun! And the cool water was soooo refreshing on this warm day- that is before it started to rain…haha One thing you should know about Colorado weather is that during the summer you are almost guaranteed to encounter rainstorms at about 3pm. Its a daily occurrence. But before then you can usually expect for a clear sunny day! The weather pattern was so reliable, that I grew to actually enjoy it. Happy trails and take a day and go rafting!  ~B

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