Manchester, United Kingdom


One of my good friends that I met while living in Nantes, France was from Manchester. She kept telling me how I needed to go visit, so one day I booked a flight to Leeds via RyanAir. I then took the train from Leeds to Manchester, which was simple enough. I think my flight cost a total of 20 euro…

I arrived in Manchester and had been given strict orders to visit Top Shop so I immediately headed over. It was fantastic! I bought a sweater for 5 euro! AND yes, this girly moment was just perfect 🙂 I was then off to meet my hosts- two pretty funny British guys who were friends with my friend from Nantes.

IMG_5975 IMG_3401

I swear the second one wasn’t a serial killer like he looks! I was just having a ton of fun with my camera. Although he did have red sheets over all of the windows in his room which made it glow red during the day…..


They took me on a quick walking tour of the city and showed me some of the unique Manchester architecture. Even in this gloomy weather, everyone looked like they were having so much fun!


And like a proper night out in Manchester we drank and danced until all hours of the night. We got kebobs on the street and then road a double decker bus that drove on the left side of the road. Surely, I was going to die.

The next day we headed to a pub with outdoor seating and to all of our surprise there was a sliver of sunshine above us. Immediately, like a whistle had been blown, everyone around me took off their sweatshirts and took in the sun. Now being from California, this was NOT sun. This would be a cloudy day where I was from, so I kept my sweatshirt on. It was cold! It was probably at this point when I realized that I would never be able to live in Machester. Aw well, it was still a ton of fun and a great place to visit! ~B

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