Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain


When I visited Barcelona with my friend Jess I was expecting to visit the best party city in the world- it was certainly this, but Barcelona is also home to one of the most famous architects of all time- Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi used ceramics, stained glass and carpentry to create his masterpieces and was considered apart of the Catalan Modernista movement (organic style inspired by nature).


At the time, I had no idea who Gaudi was, so I was certainly surprised when we arrived at Park Guell on the hill of El Carmel in the Gracia district.


The garden complex was designed and built between 1900-1914 and holds some of the most unique and original buildings I have ever seen! Thus the park is rightfully a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It even had some unique characters!


We wondered around for hours and I was utterly transfixed by everything around me. Especially this window below. I wish I had windows like that!


Then there was this musician playing jazz in one of the stone hallways, which made the music eco across the path.


And gems and stones for sale where white female tourists seemed to flock!


But it was these columns that really caught my attention. It was like a giant hallway of columns that didn’t really lead anywhere! I loved it! This is my friend Jess below. IMG_4677

Park Guell is a MUST SEE if you ever visit Barcelona. This is honestly the first time I have ever appreciated architecture and I feel like world just exploded! Happy travels ~B

UPDATED: For ToughLittleBirds. I’m so sorry I left it out the first time 🙂


3 thoughts on “Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

  1. Great photos! My family took me there when I was quite little. Your photo with the columns brings back the memory vividly. Did you see a big lizard sculpture? I remember one being there.
    (Mostly, though, I remember my mother telling me that the benches there were designed based on painstaking measurements of people, and my being profoundly disappointed when they turned out to be fairly ordinary benches – I had expected them to be molded with butt indentations.)

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