Views from Windy Hill Preserve, Portola Valley, CA

IMG_3169What could be better than a view of BOTH the Bay Area AND the Pacific Ocean in one hike? Well probably not much.


Windy Hill Preserve has been one of my favorite places to hike since I was little. The entrance is located just off Portola Road in Portola Valley and is marked with a big sign. The hike is pretty much straight up and down and you can choose between a switch back route in the shade (Hamms Gulch Trail) or a more exposed straight up approach (Spring Ridge Trail). At a good pace, its about 1hr from the base to the top. The switch back route takes a bit longer. Dogs are allowed, although only on leash. The views from the top are absolutely spectacular! I like to bring a little picnic although it tends to be very windy (hence the name). Here’s the marker from the very top- Spring Ridge Trail + Anniversary Trail (another 0.7 miles).


It is steep so come prepared with good hiking shoes- you may also have sore gluts the next day! Somehow we made it 🙂


Enjoy! And for more information and a downloadable map check out their website. ~B

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