The Monarch Sanctuary Round II- Pacific Grove, California

Today was supposed to be a good day and for the most part it was. It was also one of the hardest days of my life. After a night of heavy drinking and festivities in Sonoma (a post to come soon), I drove 3 hours down to Monterey, California for coffee with a friend and attend a bachelorette party. I decided that since I had driven that whole way and the fact that I wasn’t gonna be in Monterey again any time soon, so I would enjoy the day and revisit some of my favorite places. I decided to visit the Monarch Sanctuary in Pacific Grove since I had my new telephoto lens with me and I’m really glad I did…the trees were covered in butterflies!


Every year during late fall/early winter thousands of monarch butterflies gather on pines, cypress, and eucalyptus trees in a few select acres in Pacific Grove. Monarchs love pine trees (as shown above) because the trees provide the perfect microclimate of humidity, light, shade, and temperature.  The town of Pacific Grove is extremely proud of their butterflies and they also host an annual “Butterfly Parade” to celebrate the return of the monarchs each year. Here’s a few close ups of a monarch on a bottle brush tree:



The bottle brush tree ended up being an excellent environment for humming birds and this little yellow bird as well:

IMG_6753 IMG_6792

Overall is was an extremely wonderful trip to the sanctuary! And I am SOOOO glad I had my telephoto lens this time! Now for the hard part- Monterey is a small place and as fate would have it I ran onto my recent ex-boyfriend. He was holding another girl’s hand. And although he ran over to me when he saw me and told me that it didn’t mean anything, it still hurt. A lot.

So perhaps it is time to focus on myself. But for now all I can think about focusing on are the monarchs. ~B

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