Birthday with the Goats: Toluma Farms, Petaluma, California

This year for my 23rd birthday I decided I wanted to do something different, something totally new. So the obvious choice was to head to Petaluma, California for a tour of an actual goat farm, complete with a scrumptious goat cheese tasting and wine at the end.


After a bit of research I found a farm that was willing to take five 23 year-olds on a tour. Toluma Farms is about an hour drive from San Francisco and nestled in the beautiful foggy hills of Northern Marine County. The family owned farm has about 200 goats- every one of which is identifiable by name.

We started our $10/person tour by learning about the milking process and how the milk then is turned in this special device. After we headed out to the fields and were basically set loose with the goats to roam and pet which ever goats we wanted (I feel like the goats really decided this however).

IMG_1838 IMG_1866

After almost an hour of petting goats, we were led on a tour of the farm where we met the local meat cows and some chickens!

IMG_1919 IMG_1926

We finished our day by having a picnic with fresh goat cheeses, bread, champagne and wine! It was probably one of my favorite birthdays yet!

IMG_1933 IMG_1928

Now I know visiting a goat farm might not be high on your “to do” list, but its a ton of fun and something you might not experience in your life otherwise. So go…milk a goat! ~B

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