Hiking Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, California

When I lived in San Francisco, one of my favorite places to escape to was Mt. Tamalpais (Mt. Tam). It lies just across the Golden Gate Bridge near Mill Valley and is a MUST SEE if you are visiting the Bay Area. So for Greg’s birthday we decided it was worth another trip. We took Highway 1 towards Stinson Beach and then parked along the road. Here was our trail:


I’ve known Greg since 4th grade. He was my neighbor so we literally grew up together hiking and finding new trails, thus for us to go on a hike was certainly appropriate. He brought along two of his friends, one of which I went to high school with! Small world! We hiked for awhile and then decided to take a little break. Steve Zissou pose anyone? That’s actually Highway 1 down below.


Marin County is also covered in old bunkers that used to be watch out points for the Japanese. Make sure too look out for them while you’re hiking!


We only did a short hike today: hiking while drinking beer can be difficult. But it was still a ton of fun! And although it looks fairly cloudy in this picture below, we actually had amazing weather the entire time! Plus a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean.


Happy birthday Gregory! You’re just as ridiculous as always. ~B

Screen shot 2012-12-08 at 19.08.44

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