Walking through the Marshland, Mill Valley, California


Just a 20 minute drive from San Francisco, the Mill Valley  marshland offers amazing sights and wildlife while equipped with a paved running/bike trail. The marsh is located just off the 101 Highway outside of the downtown of Mill Valley. There are many places to park, pull out your bike and go for a ride. Or if you’re feeling less ambitious  just wander down the wooden panels that weave through the tall grass and water.


While on my walk I spotted some White Egrets happily eating. Here’s a few shots:

IMG_6584 IMG_6583

Although the marsh is mostly various grasses, there were a few tiny yellow flowers that were like hidden gems.


Across from the marsh is a soccer field that was filled with Canadian Geese! So I decided I needed to make another stop…

IMG_6611Overall, it was a lot of fun. I only wish that I had brought my road bike as everyone that passed me seemed like they were having a blast. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to return 🙂 ~B

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