Summer Trip to Tahoe, California

Tahoe is known as one of California’s top skiing and snowboarding locations, but it can also be an amazing place to visit during the summer! After all it is a blue lake surrounded by granite and redwood trees. Plus cabins are WAY cheaper to rent in the summer.

After a grueling 4 hour drive with the family we arrived just in time to watch the sunset from the balcony of the cabin.

The next day we woke up to a fog covered ground.

Although after a few hours it warmed up and we were able to go on a 5 mile hike. This was the first time taking little Marty out on the trails. My family had just rescued him from 5 years as a show dog. FINALLY its his turn to get dirty and explore 🙂 Notice all the lichen on the rocks we’re standing on- this means its a healthy environment with little pollution. Way to go Tahoe!

The next day we decided to hit the water for a little wake boarding. It was my first time, so i was a little nervous, but it was actually really fun! This is one of our family friends that came on the trip. He was sooooo good! He even pulled off a few flips!

Well I guess its more practicing for me! I’ll just have to return soon, hopefully during the winter season. I feel the urge to hit the slopes! ~B

2 thoughts on “Summer Trip to Tahoe, California

  1. That looks great. I am moving to the US next fall, and I’m excited to check out new hiking areas! Thanks for a great tip

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