Weekday Excursion: The San Diego Zoo, CA


Going through a breakup sucks. My way to deal with it is to surround myself with animals. I take my dog on long walks to the park and watch him run around until his tongue nearly drags on the ground and ride my horse up into the secluded Portola Valley hills where no one can find me.

When I was living in San Diego the summer of 2009, one of my favorite places to be was at work. Thats because I worked at the San Diego Zoo! With over 3,700 animals, I could walk around for hours and always see something new.

It was a shitty job in all honestly (I was mostly selling tickets), BUT I did get to spend my free time running around the zoo hanging out with all the animals. A few of my favorite animals are below:

These are Grant’s gazelle and for them its totally normal to eat standing up!

Due to their huge size, it was a rare occasion to see the polar bears up and running around. They mostly looked like the bear on the left…sleeping that is.

Giraffes are so funny when they drink! It took me awhile to capture one actually doing the “giraffe bend.” They are such awkward animals at times!

After working at the San Diego Zoo for a summer I learned a lot. Mainly: 1) I love the San Diego Zoo. 2) Selling tickets sucks.

If you do decide to visit (and YES I highly recommend going), be sure not to miss the Hummingbird Aviary where you can walk inside and hang out with a bunch of hummingbirds. Its a more hidden exhibit and off to the left near the entrance, but its a really nice place to be more secluded and sit down. I used to go hide here on my breaks. Safe travels! ~B

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