Weekday Excursion: The Monterey Dump, CA


I thought I would make one final post about Monterey, CA, since it will probably be awhile until I return- as of Friday Chris and I are no longer together. (he’s from Monterey)

Right before we broke up, Chris and I were working on making a nice little backyard complete with drought tolerant plants and planter boxes. We had everything else ready to go, so we just needed to get some wood chips and apparently they’re way cheaper if you buy them used from the dump.

Who would have thought that the dump was a place you’d want to visit? Well surrounding the dumb were hills covered in blooming flowers! It was such a wonderful surprise!

We were so excited we decided to stop on our way out, hopped the fence and went skipping through the fields picking up fallen flowers off the ground. I must say, it was definitely the best dump experience I have ever had! So even if you don’t need any wood chips, I recommend taking a little trip to the Monterey dump.   ~B

P.S. here’s our finished work:

IMG_2816 IMG_2817

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