Skiing on Mt. Baldy, Los Angeles, CA


One of the best parts about living in Claremont, CA was being able to surf and ski in the same day. In fact, both were only about a 45 min drive from me! At 10, 068 ft, Mt. Baldy (named Baldy because there are not many trees at the top) is the tallest mountain in the San Gabriel mountains that line the North side of Los Angeles. Its also the tallest point in LA county. Little do most people know, but there’s actually a ski resort located at the top! (and they give discounts to Claremont students)

The first time we didn’t make it up because I didn’t have chains so we played in the snow. This is Ana:

Finally we made it to the slopes…its warm…and beautiful! Thats me and Lucy:

The snow was a little crunchy, but then again I was skiing in a tank top. Can’t really complain  If you get a chance, you should definitely make a day trip to Mt. Baldy. It will be worth it 🙂

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