Adventure Time!- Pinnacles National Monument, CA


I have been craving a cave adventure and luckily I finally a couple of weeks ago I found the time to make the 2 hour drive down to Pinnacles National Park near Hollister, CA. Overall, I must say that I wasn’t very impressed by the caves- they were more like boulders that had fallen on top of each other to create gaps in the rocks. Regardless, we were still able to listen to our echos and search for bats (no luck there).

I was more impressed by what we found on the other side of the caves…a healthy looking tarantula (yep fall is tarantula season) and a beautiful reservoir, which made for an excellent picnic location. Unfortunately the hummus I had brought was a bit warm by then, but the grapes and crackers were just perfect!

Overall, I recommend visiting Pinnacles but make sure to bring lots of water as it can be hot and there are no water stations once on the trail. Also, if you are even kind of a climber, bring your gear! This place was covered with perfect rocks- although this is not a unknown secret as there were A LOT of climbers out when I was there. There are also a ton of peaceful day hikes, like the one I did above, so its fun to visit even if you don’t climb 🙂 Happy Trails ~B

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