Mountain Biking in Walnut Creek, CA


It was off to Walnut Creek in the East Bay yesterday for a half-day mountain biking excursion with my good friend from university. I had never been here before, but luckily her bf grew up here, so he showed us the ropes. Due to the nature of mountain biking the following shots were taken on my iphone. Here’s where we were:

We ran into a little bit of trouble when we came across this cow that simply wouldn’t move! We tried yelling, jumping, even throwing a few small branches near it- nothing works. So we ended up picking up our bikes and walking far around the now pissed off cow.

Overall, it was an AWESOME place to mountain bike. I highly recommend visiting. It was also a great way to work off that Thanksgiving feast! There are multiple reserves around here, but I believe we went to the Walnut Creek Open Space Reserve. Happy trails! ~B

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