Half Moon Bay Tide Pools, CA

These must be some of the best tide pools in all of California. Just be sure to check for low tide before you go- I made that mistake the first time and saw almost nothing. However, at low tide a new world is exposed to humans that is unlike any other.

Sea Palms exposed during the low tide

Now I have a rather obsession with sea slugs. This may sound weird, but they are some of the most colorful and interesting creatures alive! They eat animals with stinging parts like anemones and then place the stinging parts on their own back so that they can sting. It is similar to if we ate a porcupine and then stuck the needles on our back. Crazy right?! And today was an especially good time to see them. Here’s a few that I found:

Sea lemon

I also saw the three main types of California sea star:

Leather sea star

Bat Star

Ochre Sea star

Overall, I highly recommend visiting if you get a chance. It is absolutely spectacular! ~B

5 thoughts on “Half Moon Bay Tide Pools, CA

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  2. When I was looking at your Top 10 of 2012, I saw the sun pic, and thinking maybe in the most remote possibility, that is from Half Moon Bay. And it’s surprising to see that it is! Great shot!

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