Weekday Excursion: Monarch Season in Pacific Grove, CA

Only a 15 minute drive from Monterey, Pacific Grove is a wonderful excursion for the day, especially during Monarch season. The town is practically built around monarch season. In fact, as I drove through I couldn’t help but notice all of the painted monarch signs and decorations that boasted with pride over having these butterflies rest there for a couple of months each year.

Looking through a telescope at the pine trees

I recommend visiting in November as the weather isn’t terrible yet and there are usually about 12,000 butterflies already! The Monarch Grove Sanctuary is small, but rather adorable with benches that adorn the little path. There are usually quite a few people on the weekends, but it isn’t awful and you can definitely get a good view. Plus, on the weekends Pacific Grove often has a naturalist who brings a telescope so you can view them even better. Thats how I got the shot above!

Anyways, hope you all had an amazing weekend and sorry for the lag in posts. Life has been a little crazy with preparations for Panama. Apparently I need Malaria medication and potentially the Rabies vaccine? Ekkk!


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