The New Creepy Teacher

So I’m an after-school teacher. You should probably know this by now. This doesn’t mean I’m the BEST teacher in the world though. I have a major issue with facial recognition, which tends to make kids not feel special- a bad thing in middle school.

Today was well…something a bit different.

I walked outside to watch the kids and saw a boy named Sam. Sam is kinda a know-it-all and tends to drive all the teachers a bit crazy, thus I tend to give him a hard time. Today he showed up out of the dress code- he had on a forest green T-shirt and a navy hat. I looked over and smiled, “nice outfit.”

To my horror, it was not Sam that turned towards me and politely answered, “thank you,” but rather a student that clearly did not go to this school. Needless to say, he quickly turned and booked it out of there.

Great I have now become the creepy teacher at school. Well played Miss Brittany…well played.

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