Art Class

So I have begun teaching an art class most Friday afternoons for my after-school program. What could be better right? A sweet lady teacher surrounded by 20 or so students who are all so eager to learn that they’re silent as a mouse in order to not miss a single word i have to say…haha yah right.

What really ends up happening is that they decide to be as roudy as possible while making as many art pieces as possible. Not really sure why, but this is how it works. What also tends to happen is that I have students come up to me acting super cute and give me an artwork that they ‘made entirely for me-Miss Brittany.’ Basically they are the reject pieces that they don’t even want to show their parents.

As their teacher, I must act gracious and thankful although what I’m really thinking is “what am I going to do with another picture of a person without a nose?” And I must say, I have quite the collection now.

Regardless, even if those pieces weren’t initially meant for me,  those silly nose-less people never cease to put a smile on my face. I don’t know how they do it.

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