The Best Pole Hugger

When did my moral compass become a 20 year-old guy?

It all began while at work one day I was walking around the blacktop looking for mischievous children  when I came across a this kid named Benjamin who was running in circles around this basketball hoop pole. Naturally when I asked him to stop he decided to hug the pole and smile back at me. Being a caring middle school teacher, I decided to try and pry him from the pole by use of  brut force and tickling. This did not work.

“Fine Ben. Well, I’m going to time you then and see how long you can hold onto that pole.” And I started my watch.

One minute went by, then two. Benjamin just sat there holding his pole. Soon other kids began to ask what he was doing including two notorious trouble makers Phil and Nate.

“What is he doing?” they asked me.

“Oh I’m just timing Benjamin to see how long he can hold that pole” I replied.

“Oh cool! I want to play!” They both screamed simultaneously.

“Errr ok. Go grab those poles over there.”

And thus a simple game began. I didn’t think it would last more than 5 minutes. After all these kids were trouble makers and they would surely lose interest. 15 minutes passed. I began to wonder if this was an ok game to play,  so I sought the expert advice of my 20 year-old coworker.

“Do you think this game is appropriate? I dont want parents to think that I manipulated their children into holding poles.”

“Did you force them to do it?” he asked.

“No” I replied.

“Was it their idea?”

“Well mostly. Yes.”

“Then its a great game! I just wish I had thought of it!” he exclaimed.

So the challenge to become the Best Pole Hugger continued until their parents came to pick them up…48 minutes later. Benjamin won as he had technically been the first one there, although I hear a rematch is in order for Monday.   I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this game sooner.

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