A Cat Found Chris

This morning, I was about to walk into to Chris’s front yard when I noticed a tiny yellow cat relaxing under a small bush. Naturally I fell in love. So I ran into the house to grab him some almond milk and a can of tuna. I was determined to make him my friend.

I decided that this cat was the cutest thing in the world so i gradually inched the can of tuna closer and closer to the house…and then inside the house….This would be Chris’s new cat and surely he would love him as much as I did.

Without skipping a beat, Chris saw the cat and immediately said, “thats my cat now isn’t it. His name shall be Ishmael.”

Ishmael became comfortable in his new home immediately  He walked around and sniffed all of the different rooms, climbed up on the couch and genuinely looked satisfied. I think he might actually be Chris’s new cat. So of course the next step is to get him neutered….Its ok to neuter a cat that found you right? Because I feel like we just got adopted.

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