Rules of the Road


Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that I shall no longer accelerate when getting on the freeway. Rather, I will maintain a speed and then let that speed increase once the road becomes sloped in the downhill direction. Gas is just too damn expensive. It is literally $5/gallon!!!! That is just too much. So I apologize to everyone who gets frustrated by drivers who don’t accelerate fast enough/don’t merge properly. My advice- avoid people like me and stay far away from the right lane.


2 thoughts on “Rules of the Road

  1. Here in the UK a gallon of gas runs somewhere around $8.50 to $9 a gallon depending where you live. Personally I had a magno-flo device fitted to the inlet fuel pipe of my car and I now get over 100 miles extra from a tank of fuel. Check it out at

    Also important points to save fuel – make sure your tyres are not worn or under/over-inflated. Don’t take stuff around in your car that you don’t need – extra weight means more gas to keep the car moving. Don’t use AC more than you need to or drive with your windows open unnecessarily. Other than that it’s just about the driving as you mentioned above. Think my next car will need to be a hybrid!!!

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