A Supportive Friend

Finding a good pair of shoes is rough to say the least. I shoe isn’t just a piece if leather and rubber glued together in foot form. A shoe is a supportive friend that is there for you in times of mud, gravel and dirt. Your shoes are there when no one else will go to the gym with you and when everyone else is too busy to go on a run.

Bad shoes can tear up your feet, eat your toenails, and destroy your tendons and ligaments. Bad shoes can literally render you unable to walk if they so will.

Good shoes can take you to that next level, they can win you that race. This is why I’ve had such a hard time moving on from my last pair of shoes. After the Tough Mudder, I donated my mud covered shoes to shoeless kids in Africa, however, I’m now myself in the predicament of not owning any shoes…

After much debate and researching I finally settled on a new pair- a different color of the exact same shoe. A good friend is worth keeping (and I’m really not good at moving on).

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