The Adventures of Porpoise and Cuttlefish

If I ever made an indi flick it would go something like this:

The tale of Porpoise and Cuttlefish begins one foggy day in the San Francisco Bay. You see Porpoise had been swimming for a few years constantly searching for that one thing that she was missing in her life. She didn’t know what it was but she was determined to keep swimming until she found it. She would dive down low in search of shinny Abalone shells that she liked to carry on her snout. She would collect 20 of them at a time and place them in small piles in the different harbors she visited- 37 piles in all.

One day while diving for rare black Abalone, she met a squid-like creature named Cuttlefish. Cuttlefish was on a journey to South America, although he was a bit lost at the moment. Cuttlefish had heard stories of the warm waters filled with lots of fish of all shapes and sizes, including other cuttlefish.

Porpoise didn’t know where this “South America” was, but she was always up for an adventure, so Porpoise and Cuttlefish decided to swam together. Sometimes Porpoise would chase away large fish keeping Cuttlefish safe and Cuttlefish was always filled with hilarious jokes about other ocean creatures he’d encountered on his journeys.

Porpoise and Cuttlefish laughed on and on into the night- things like how friendly big whale sharks actually were (they seem so scary!) and how you could play football with sea cucumbers (as long as they didn’t notice). Porpoise had never felt so alive and free.

So they swam off to explore the depths with a bond that simply doesn’t exist anywhere but the sea.

To be continued….

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