Tough Mudder

Why would any sain person submit themselves to crawling through a water pit teeming with 10,000 volt electrodes that shocked them with every advance? Well they probably wouldn’t.

If Ironman and Burning Man had a love child (what other type would it be?) then the Tough Mudder would be it. And its not a nice kid. Three miles into the race there was a sign that read “If you were doing a Warrior Dash, you’d be done right now.” This is not for the faint of heart.

After climbing over two 8ft walls, Chris and I  lept into a 4 ft ice pit called Arctic Enema. The ice felt so amazing in comparison with the 90 degree weather surrounding us. This was the beginning: the first mile of the Tough Mudder that was surely going to kick my ass. What followed were 3 small mountains, 18 more obstacles, and 11 more miles of the most grueling race of my life.

Along the course countless medics raced passed us in ATVs. One stopped at a runner who had fallen due to leg pain. The medic asked, “do you need a ride?”

“No I’ll be ok” the runner replied grasping his leg.

“Ok, well I can offer you some water and a bit of MAN UP.”

True story.

The obstacles included things like Everest where you must use your fellow mudders in order to charge up a muddy quarter pipe and Berlin Walls, a series of 12-15 ft muddy wooden walls. After Walk the Plank (where you jump off a 15 ft ledge into a mud pit) my right ear began throbbing as it filled with mud and slim. But it wasn’t all terrifying, Chris and I managed to sneak a kiss during the Mud Mile, a series of waist hight mud pits at varying levels.

So after 12.5 miles of feeling dizzy from the heat, cramps from the obstacles, and overall exhaustion from the whole event, Chris and I finished. We were covered in mud, dirt and sweat, but we had made it.  And it feels damn good to finally be able to call myself a Mudder (and sport this new snazzy headband!) .

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