The time my dad hated Chris (my boyfriend) began when he decided to take a munch out of some of his pocky. Chris has this bad habit of grabbing whatever is in his peripheral range and devouring it. Then shortly after he questioningly considers what it is he just ate. This fateful night the object of affliction was a bag a pocky that my father had stashed away in a low placed cabinet. As he opened the bag I stared at him in horror.

“Did you just open that?”

“Umm yes?” He replied.

“My dad may actually like you less. Quick! We need to tape it!”

Chris went into panic mode and fanatically began searching the house for tape.

“Quick Chris quick!!! It must be taped from the inside out! Those are my dad’s special treats and he’ll be SUPER angry!” (somehow I managed to keep a straight face during all of this)

Chris pulled off a tiny piece of tape and finagled it into place to that the bag appeared to be closed. It was taped from the inside out.

“Ok ok that might work. Now lets quickly put it back” and Chris rushed to shove the bag back into the cabinet.

Now I’ll admit that I felt a little bad during all of this, but Chris is highly gullible and to watch him freak out about my dad’s so-called Pocky obsession was pretty funny.

Luckily my father still likes Chris because he does not actually have a Pocky obsession, although he does actually keep a bag sashed away.

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