Look At My Testes!

Everything was going so well today until I went to physio class. You see, we’re studying the endocrine system and today we were looking at different slides under the microscope. There were slides like pancreas, adrenal, thyroid, and testes. Now of course I got the testes slide.

So off I went to try and get the greatest zoom and best focus possible. Now I go to public school so the microscopes we use are less than sub-par. If you can even see through yours then you’re doing well. Today I lucked out. As I moved my zoom from 10x to 40x, my slide remained shape. In fact my slide was looking great! I could see all the different cells of the testes! So, I decided to zoom a little closer knowing that there might be a slight chance of viewing the actual sperm within the cells.

I focused in and wam! I had found them! You could actually see the little flagellated tails! I took a picture with my iphone, since I’d have to be able to recognize this slide in the future and immediately sent a copy to my boyfriend (since hes a boy with sperm and all). I then showed my two lab partners and we decided that we needed to show the professor. It was that good. So I brought my phone over to him and began to show him the picture when to my horror I received a text. Now iphones have this super cool function where they display your incoming text with such pride that all around can see it. This function would have been cool, if right as I was pointing out the individual sperm my boyfriend decides to respond and a headline streams across my screen reading “Awesome! My testes cells look like flexing rhinos!”

I dropped my phone as fast as I possibly could. Did he see it? Probably. Did we continue on with our conversation about this testes slide? Absolutely.

Needless to say I left class on the earlier side today. And I took my beautiful testes slide picture. No way am I going to misidentify this one on the exam. And thank god my physiology professor is Italian.

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