The Adventures of Christopher’s Cooking

After work one day, I drove down to Monterey to visit my best boyfriend ever. This is actually his name in my phone. Now since he’s the best boyfriend ever, he had spent the last hour or so making me a surprise dinner! (instead of playing with dogs while I cook) Now Chris does not cook so for him to make a meal is a big deal. Normally he just eats very large quantities of one specific item until he gets tired of it and chooses a new food to obsessively eat. But tonight was different. There was a smell in the air. Not sure what that smell was, but I was positive that I was going to have to eat it.

Chris brought out what looked to be a white blobby version of a quiche.

“Errr what is that babe?”

“Its dinner! I wanted to surprise you!”

“Oh ahh of course! Ok. I’m excited!”

It tasted about as good as it looked. In it was, I kid you not, cottage cheese, yogurt, bits of vegan meat, dijon mustard and diced onion/garlic. This concoction was then drizzled in vegan cheese and baked. I can’t fathom how this could be a good idea. But Chris was so proud.

“Mmm so healthy!” What else can I say!??  You’re an amazing boyfriend and you try so hard, but this tastes like the fungus you’d find under a toilet? Ahhh well at least I have a man trying to cook for me. Honestly, this is enough for me and so incredibly sweet. Let’s just say he earned a bunch of boyfriend points anyways. Though perhaps, I’ll be cooking the next few meals….

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