Who Knows What Elvis Presley’s Face Looks Like Anyways?

I work at a private middle school in a suburb of Palo Alto (which is already a suburb by definition). I’m a afterschool caregiver/substitute teacher, although you probably already know that. I have literally no experience in this field, although apparently to teach young minds you only need an undergraduate degree. And everyone thinks college doesn’t mean anything anymore….

Anyways, I tend to have a problem recognizing people. At work last week I reintroduced myself to the computer science teacher. Not someone my mind would normally mix up because he has jet black hair that seems to point down and wears navy and black everyday. I told him my issues with facial recognition and he told me that I should “probably see a doctor about that.”

So instead I googled facial amnesia.  And easily enough I found myself taking an online celebrity recognition test. This included people like Bill Clinton, Ronald Regan, Tyra Banks etc. At the end of the exam it tells you that most people (normal people) get about 84% of them correct. I had scored a lousy 33%. Well who knows what Elvis Presley’s face looks like anyways?

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