The Wisdom of Tavor

So the obvious next move was to go out for drinks with my lesbian Asian karate friend Taylor (pictured below), whom I have called Tavor ever since senior year in high school when I decided that I was such an important friend that I would take up an entire page of her yearbook to sign. Thus, I began with writing Taylor across the whole page of which I spelled in bubble letters…T…A…V…I looked at the page. Shit. Taylor, who was looking over my shoulder questionably yelled, “V????”

“Errr ummm yes!” I responded. “You know that nickname I always call you….Tavor?


“Oh well…yes…I call you that.” And from then on her name not only became Tavor to me, but to our two close friends Jeanne and Lena. It stuck.

So anyways, back to drinks….I asked Tavor if she thought people were born funny or if they could learn to be funny. Tavor sipped her Blue Moon as I drank my milk and responded that people definitely learned to be funny. They took what is around them and somehow twisted it so people laughed. Ok so apparently I’m just not a very observant person (this was the obvious conclusion from this night).  I can change this! Thus, my quest to become funny had begun!

Although I didn’t have to look far…it took about a day before I realized that being funny wasn’t necessarily twisting things, but rather looking at the world with an open and brave mind. Fear is the greatest killer of humor after all (I read this off on of the descriptions for one of the Amazon books, but I do kinda think its true).

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